20 New Private Trackers: November 2010 Edition

November 22, 2010 by sharky

With Winter just around the corner, BitTorrent fans usually expect to witness a spike in activity regarding new tracker development - and this November Edition is no exception. Lots of new trackers to report about; including 2 amazing new scene trackers; 2 new HD/Blu-ray trackers to hit the scene; and even some niche sites worthy of mention.

The All-New TorrentLeech v3 Has Arrived

November 09, 2010 by sharky

After more than a full year of intense planning and continuous development, TorrentLeech v3 is finally ready to be unleashed. Get excited - this isn’t just some quick paint job thrown over an old engine; TL has been entirely gutted & reinvented into something to behold. Not since What.CD’s iconic Gazelle has any tracker undergone such favourable modifications to improve user functionality. Developed 100% from scratch, the new TL offers an impressive array of improvements over their previous aging sourcecode.

Rapscallion - A New Community For Torrent Forum Staff

November 08, 2010 by sharky

What if the BitTorrent community got together and pooled their information to catch invite traders, sellers and ratio cheaters? The concept itself isn’t a new one; in fact a system already exists between private trackers. It’s known that What.CD offers resources to tracker sysops & admins to catch & remove bad torrenters, available to those of the "Torrent Celebrity" userclass. That’s great for trackers, but bad BT behavior often begins well in advance of finding tracker invites. Unfortunately most Torrent Forum staffers are unable to access those tracker-to-tracker blacklists. Yet, as often is the case, bad members on torrent forums are the same as those found on trackers themselves - and are banned for exactly the same reasons. Is there a similar system set up that caters exclusively to torrent forum staff to share internal info amongst each other? Not until now.

The Top 50 Most Requested Tracker Invites of 2010 (Part Two)

November 01, 2010 by sharky

This is Part II of the Most Popular Private Tracker Invite Requests of 2010. From the first 25, there are only 3 trackers that were not listed at least somewhere within the top 50. From the these last 25, almost half are brand-new entries for 2010. Since we publish this "Top 50" series quite late in the year, it gives newer trackers a fair chance to be listed. That is, if they aren’t open for registration most of the time. Having said that, here are a few interesting statistics from the entire 50:

The Top 50 Most Requested Tracker Invites of 2010 (Part One)

October 29, 2010 by sharky

Due to popular request, it’s that time of the year again when FSF takes a peek into the year’s most requested private tracker invitations. We uncovered some surprising statistics - FtN is no longer on top, plus we have 15 new entries to this 2010 edition (3 in Part One; 12 in Part Two).

FSF made a best effort here to provide data as accurate as humanly possible, with no bias towards one forum or another. We simply counted requests (and filled ones) as best as we could do. Forums included in the statistics are listed below.

The Horror Charnel: Open Signups For One Week

October 25, 2010 by sharky

There’s a history between private trackers and Halloween that goes back a long way. It’s that one special holiday when sites come out with unique themes, contests and special events. For some trackers, Halloween also represents an occasion of substantial growth - especially so for horror movie trackers such as The Horror Charnel. For THC, it usually signifies the time of year when they open their doors for registration, such as right now.

Torstream: Watch Video Torrents Online Via Web Stream, For Free

October 23, 2010 by sharky

From all the innovative ways in which BitTorrent can be efficiently employed to distribute files (legally & otherwise), you’d think that by now someone would have come up with an effective solution to stream video torrents in a browser. The concept of torrent streaming is as age-old as the BitTorrent protocol itself, although it’s never been successfully developed to include public torrents on a grand scale. Until now.

PackMe.In - BitTorrent’s Pack Tracker is Back Online

October 22, 2010 by sharky

After nearly two solid months of downtime, BitTorrent’s favorite (and only) pack tracker is finally back in action, jack! This time around though, PackMe.In (yep, same URL as before - and now open for signups) is running on a smooth new server using Gazelle’s codebase. Also known as The Donkey, PiN’s purpose is to serve up their own breed of unique torrent "packs". For those not in the know, packs are similarly-grouped torrents bundled together into one large torrent - this includes music discographies, movie box sets, TV series & seasons and everything else in between.

SCC Invites Now Available For 48 Hours Only

October 20, 2010 by sharky

Thought we’d fill you in on a monumental newsflash - just in case you haven’t heard, SCC has just now granted free invites to all members (everyone should have received between 1 to 3 invites). The catch is this: they must be used up within 48 hours.

Update: October, 22nd 20:11:54 - 7 hours ago. Due to unforeseen downtime, the 48 hours has now been extended until October 24th ~14:00 GMT.

ThePirateSociety Is Back on a New Domain, New Server

October 17, 2010 by sharky

After dozens of emails asking us, "What happened to ThePirateSociety?" - we’ve just now received the official word from the proud new owner. Sorry folks, there’s not a lot of juicy gossip in this one, but what’s very clear is that TPS has indeed returned true to form - minus a few staff members. Since being offline for nearly two full weeks now, what exactly transpired between October 5th and October 16th? For starters - a new domain, new server, new (and old) staff. But what’s really important is the site, its contents, the user database - these have all been rescued from what would have been a total loss if it weren’t for quick action on the part of TPS’s new proprietor. FSF spoke with the new owner - bubbl3 - who shed some interesting light as to how & why these events unfolded. Plus we have the exclusive info regarding TPS’s official announcement.